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Group Bible Study #2

This Sunday we are continuing with looking together at what the early church actually taught about the cross and salvation. Our questions are the same as two weeks ago:

  • Who is saved?
  • What are we saved from?
  • What are we saved for/to?
  • What are the roles of God/Jesus/us?

There’s a bunch of passages again, but this time they are mostly really short. If you can, have a look at them before Sunday and see if you notice any patterns.

Colossians 2:11-15, 1 Peter 2:21-24, Romans 6:8-11, Colossians 1:19-20, Ephesians 2


Group Bible Study #1

For the rest of April and May, we are going to do something a little different. Instead of a sermon, we are all going to dive into scripture and see what we find together. Our mission is to discover what the apostles and early church believed about the cross and salvation. We have four questions to answer:

  • Who is saved?
  • What are we saved from?
  • What are we saved for/to?
  • What are the roles of God/Jesus/us?

This week we are starting with a survey of Acts. Passages to look at are Acts 2:16-40, 3:12-26, 4:8-12, 5:29-32, 10:34-43 and 13:26-41. I encourage you to read these ahead of time and give them time to rattle around in your brain a bit. With much love,


The Gospel in Chairs

This week we are talking about the most important thing we ever can, in my opinion. It’s the gospel and our understanding of salvation.

The reason this is so important is because it permeates everything. Our beliefs on who is saved and how, are reflected in our beliefs about the character of God. The God we believe in is the one we try to emulate. This determines our character, our actions on a day to day basis, our politics and the causes we get involved in.

Our beliefs on salvation also direct our beliefs and practices around evangelism, and evangelism can be helpful, ineffective, or downright harmful as a result.

So on Sunday I am going to do my version of a presentation of the gospel that I learned from Brad Jersak, called the Gospel in Chairs, and then we are going to talk together about what salvation means. Bring your ideas and your questions. See you Sunday,


Audio found here.


This Sunday is both Easter and Soup Sunday. Come with your reusable dishes and your thoughts about death, resurrection and new life as we celebrate together!


Indigenous Peoples in Canada

This week we are privileged to hear from Brad Jersak and Charles Littledale on the history and current reality of the relationship between Canada and our Indigenous peoples.

Some questions to think on before you come:

  • What do I know about the way Canada has dealt with its Indigenous peoples? What gaps are there in my knowledge?
  • What do I know about the lives and cultures of Indigenous peoples in Canada? What gaps are there in my knowledge?
  • When I think of Indigenous people, what generalizations or attitudes come up? Where do these come from? What is their fruit?
  • Can I think of an Indigenous person who inspires me?

Come prepared to feel uncomfortable together and to learn together. See you Sunday,


Lead us not into temptation…

This Sunday I will be looking at the phrase “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil / the evil one” from the Lord’s Prayer. My apologies to anyone else who was looking forward to hearing Brian West speak, he had something else come up and is no longer able to make it.

Here are some questions to ponder this week:

  • How does temptation work? What are the roles of God, the devil, and us?
  • Why are there two different versions (evil vs the evil one)? Is there a difference?
  • Why would Jesus teach us to pray this way?

Last Sunday was kind of amazing to me, as everyone brought their questions and ideas and we learned together. I am hoping we can do that again. See you Sunday,


Sermon audio is here

Forgive Us Our Sins…

This Sunday Greg McKone will be sharing with us on the phrase “forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us”. In the wrong hands, this could be a scary topic, but Greg is a very safe person and an incredible encourager. I know what he says will bring us life.

Some questions to ponder this week:

  • What is forgiveness?
  • What is the cost of unforgiveness?
  • Why does Jesus connect these two?

Blessings on your week. See you Sunday,


Sermon Audio is here

Gender Equality

This Sunday we are tackling our first hot button topic, Sexism and Gender Equality. Josh and I are going to try presenting together, to get male and female perspectives on various aspects of the topic. Hopefully we can be a living picture of how gender equality can work.

Preparing this time has been an unexpectedly tough slog – the more we look at it, the bigger and more personal the topic becomes. We’ve been learning a lot for sure.

Some of the themes we will be looking at are:

  • God’s design is for equality and partnership between genders.
  • Our culture and general church culture are based in patriarchy. Patriarchy devalues women and creates toxic pictures of masculinity.
  • As these attitudes are in our culture, they have been ingrained in us since birth. We all have them to some degree. Love asks us to examine ourselves for sexist attitudes and seek to change them.
  • Sexism is also in our laws and power structures. Love asks us to support change that moves us toward equality, even if that means giving up some of our own power.

I have one request of you before you come. Would you please think about what words like feminism, sexism, toxic masculinity and gender equality bring up in you? If any of those are trigger words, would you please ask Jesus about why those trigger you and what he would say about them?

If you would like some further food for thought, here are some links I have found helpful:

A poem written by Anne Lawless that gives a beautiful picture of God designed equality.
Toxic masculinity explained in comic form
Mental load explained in comic form
A blog post on why we still need feminism

See you Sunday,


Edit: The audio for this can be found here

Give Us This Day…

This Sunday we are privileged to hear from Tracey McKone on the phrase “Give us this day our daily bread”.

In her preparation, Tracey has come up with three questions for us to consider with Jesus this week.

  1. Jesus, why did you include this phrase in the Lord’s Prayer?
  2. How have you been providing for me this week?
  3. Are there any areas of my life where I am prone to grumbling?

I bless you to see more clearly how Jesus is taking care of you. See you Sunday,


Edit: The audio for this can be found here

Your Kingdom Come

by Nicole Giesbrecht

This Sunday we will be continuing on with the Lord’s Prayer and looking at the phrase “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”.

Here are some questions to think about before Sunday:

  • What is God’s Kingdom?
  • How do we recognize it?
  • How are God’s Kingdom and Will connected?
  • What practical difference does it make for us to invite God’s will to be done?

We get to hear from a voice that has often been quiet in our church, as Christa Klotz steps up to share with us. She is a diamond that has risen to the surface in our upheaval and I am very excited to hear her speak. See you Sunday.

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