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Musing on Money

I have been thinking a lot about what to do with my tithe money now that Freshwind is shutting down our bank account. Maria said she was considering tithing to Abbotsford Community Services, and that set off all the gears in my brain. Community Services is doing Jesus stuff, whether they recognize it as that or not. What if we all started supporting groups doing Jesus stuff, regardless of whether or not there is a fish on their bumper? What would change in our town?

Then I started looking at all the church buildings in town and the huge sums of money they represent. What if Christians in general stopped investing in buildings and started putting that money in to affordable housing, clean water, poverty reduction, mental health care, drug and alcohol rehab, youth care workers, opportunities for women… How many huge world problems could we solve?

And what if we stopped worrying if God got the credit or not? What if we considered clean water funded by our taxes as just as good as clean water funded by a Christian charity? How would our view of God change? What if we stopped worrying if we got the credit or not and just gave generously, with or without tax receipts or recognition? What would change in us?

So I encourage you to make this a listening prayer exercise. Jesus, where would you have me send the money I used to give to Freshwind? Let’s see where this goes!

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One thought on “Musing on Money

  1. n.a on said:

    YES!!! Inspiring, Nicole. 🙂

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