Freshwind Christian Fellowship

Following Jesus Together

Group Bible Study #1

For the rest of April and May, we are going to do something a little different. Instead of a sermon, we are all going to dive into scripture and see what we find together. Our mission is to discover what the apostles and early church believed about the cross and salvation. We have four questions to answer:

  • Who is saved?
  • What are we saved from?
  • What are we saved for/to?
  • What are the roles of God/Jesus/us?

This week we are starting with a survey of Acts. Passages to look at are Acts 2:16-40, 3:12-26, 4:8-12, 5:29-32, 10:34-43 and 13:26-41. I encourage you to read these ahead of time and give them time to rattle around in your brain a bit. With much love,


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