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Gender Equality

This Sunday we are tackling our first hot button topic, Sexism and Gender Equality. Josh and I are going to try presenting together, to get male and female perspectives on various aspects of the topic. Hopefully we can be a living picture of how gender equality can work.

Preparing this time has been an unexpectedly tough slog – the more we look at it, the bigger and more personal the topic becomes. We’ve been learning a lot for sure.

Some of the themes we will be looking at are:

  • God’s design is for equality and partnership between genders.
  • Our culture and general church culture are based in patriarchy. Patriarchy devalues women and creates toxic pictures of masculinity.
  • As these attitudes are in our culture, they have been ingrained in us since birth. We all have them to some degree. Love asks us to examine ourselves for sexist attitudes and seek to change them.
  • Sexism is also in our laws and power structures. Love asks us to support change that moves us toward equality, even if that means giving up some of our own power.

I have one request of you before you come. Would you please think about what words like feminism, sexism, toxic masculinity and gender equality bring up in you? If any of those are trigger words, would you please ask Jesus about why those trigger you and what he would say about them?

If you would like some further food for thought, here are some links I have found helpful:

A poem written by Anne Lawless that gives a beautiful picture of God designed equality.
Toxic masculinity explained in comic form
Mental load explained in comic form
A blog post on why we still need feminism

See you Sunday,


Edit: The audio for this can be found here

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3 thoughts on “Gender Equality

  1. Really enjoyed the sermon today and was saddened that Nikki and I had to leave early!
    Would love to be emailed a copy to read over and share with my S.O.
    – Beth

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